Vivienne Westwood

TexTrace has designed an innovative RFID product authentication solution for renowned fashion company Vivienne Westwood.

The great Vivienne Westwood rebelled against the standard fashions and brought modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream. Now, Vivienne Westwood is leading the fashion industry in brand authentication with woven RFID brand labels from TexTrace.


A smart solution for a unique fashion brand Vivienne Westwood Case Introduction

RFID enabled brand labels have started with the Spring 2016 Collection on Man accessories such as scarves and ties and are continuously extended onto other product categories.

While the initial phase of the RFID project is focused on brand authentication, deployment for logistics and inventory management will soon follow.

Vivienne Westwood Case Introduction

Key elements of the authentication strategy Vivienne Westwood Case Authentication

Vivienne Westwood Case Authentication

Together with partner Eximia, TexTrace is providing Vivienne Westwood a complete approach to brand authentication:

  • TexTrace integrates RFID into Vivienne Westwood’s brand label in a seamless, non-compromising way – the RFID antenna is a textile yarn and no RFID inlay is used, resulting in a truly textile RFID tag in Vivienne Westwood’s genuine brand design.

  • Encoding and shipping woven RFID labels direct to Vivienne Westwood’s suppliers enables TexTrace to offer unique encoding of the RFID label, based on a sophisticated algorithm, to enable authentication at any place and any time and prevent counterfeits.

  • Source tagging at the point of manufacture to protect assets throughout the channels.

  • Product authentication with commercially available smartphones connected to RFID pocket readers.

  • The RFID-enabled brand label by TexTrace is an integral part of the product as opposed to a hangtag or care label. This allows Vivienne Westwood to take legal action against grey market resellers and product tampering.

Textrace RFID Brand Label

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„TexTrace offers the right mix of technology, textile expertise and reliability to deliver a woven RFID brand label that meets the exacting standards of the Vivienne Westwood brand. We won’t sacrifice our brand for technology. TexTrace helped us imagine ways to use technology to enable a better distribution process and achieve the peace of mind that comes with authentication of our brand.”

Nurben Usta, Vivienne Westwood Production Department, RFID Project Lead

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Press Release

Vivienne Westwood chooses TexTrace Woven RFID Labels Read more

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