Fact Sheet on Tag Durability


TexTrace® Woven RFID Brand labels resist textile wash processes. Find all details about it in our newly published fact sheet.

Our fact sheet on textile finishing and cleaning testing describes a comprehensive study of passive UHF RFID (ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification) woven RFID brand labels from TexTrace. We describe each of the tests and illustrate the data to enable end users to make informed decisions about the true capability of the product.

As RFID adoption in the fashion industry continues to progress rapidly, fashion brands and retailers are seeking to reap more benefits from this versatile technology, going beyond logistics and well-known basic retail store applications such as inventory management. In order to enable these extended applications such as brand protection, production steering and electronic article surveillance (EAS), new requirements arise for software, hardware and, most importantly, RFID tags.

Going beyond – both upstream and downstream – means RFID tagging happens in early production stages, and the use of RFID does not end with the consumer’s purchase of a tagged product. Consequently, RFID tags must be able to withstand the textile finishing processes that are employed in garment manufacturing, as well as the cleaning processes occurring after point of sale. Also key is the reliability and security of RFID tag attachment, for instance with respect to return handling, anti-theft and product authentication.

The TexTrace® Woven RFID Brand Label was especially developed to enable the use of RFID from production until after sales. It is a truly textile RFID tag, where RFID is integrated in the brand’s woven brand label in a seamless way. This means neither the brand image nor the look and feel of the item are compromised by RFID. The TexTrace woven RFID brand label is an ideal source tagging solution, sewn onto the fashion item already during manufacturing, not only afterwards. This provides each item in a collection a unique identity that can be reliably and efficiently traced from production on to the display shelf and beyond, for the life of the product.

Download our Fact Sheet to view the process descriptions and results.