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Our team at TexTrace are firm believers in our customers' need for long-term solutions that work and add value to their brand. Rather than provide a one-off short-term single product we strive to provide quality long-term partnerships and relationships.

We enjoy working internationally with a broad network of partners who collectively share the same core values evident within our own culture of "Best-of-Breed". Our partners combine in-depth experience in the fashion industry with specialized know-how in Radio frequency identification (RFID) System Integration and high-quality woven label manufacturing. Together we offer overall solutions tailor-made to meet your individual ambitions and needs, along with seamless and reliable technical, sales and marketing support.

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"In TexTrace haben wir einen innovativen Partner mit einem hochqualitativen Produkt gefunden. Unsere Kunden in der Modeindustrie schätzen die zuverlässige Performance der auf TexTrace Technologie basierenden intelligenten Labels und sind begeistert von den daraus resultierenden Möglichkeiten.“

Michael Goller, CTO, Detego GmbH

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"RAIN RFID delivers Internet connectivity to billions of everyday items, allowing businesses and consumers to identify, locate and authenticate each and every item. The TexTrace woven RFID brand label is an exemplary application of RFID technology in the retail industry."

Steve Halliday, President RAIN Alliance

Logo Tyco Retail Solutions


"Tyco Retail Solutions' loss prevention, traffic intelligence and inventory visibility offerings enable retailers from around the globe to improve store performance and profitability. TexTrace adds an innovative and aesthetically pleasing alternative to RFID tagging of high fashion items, enhancing overall customer value."

Jens von Ebbe, Director Marketing, Continental Europe, Tyco Integrated Fire & Security

Logo EE Labels


"Jakob Müller AG has been a most reliable technology supplier to us over decades, and our success is built on our ability to continuously innovate. We are therefore particularly excited to be the first production partner for the TexTrace technology, bringing woven labels with built-in RFID to the fashion market."

Marc Evers, Owner & Managing Director, Van Engelen & Evers

Logo Koobra

Logo Impinj


"TexTrace's innovative RAIN RFID labels feature Impinj Monza R6-P chips and pave the way for retailers to tag smaller clothing items. The new label provides the high-performance and discreet size required for real-time inventory monitoring and loss prevention."

Craig Cotton, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Impinj

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Logo Keonn


“The TexTrace woven RFID brand label is the perfect complement to Keonn’s AdvanLook and AdvanFitting systems, creating a whole new level of customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty.”

Ramir De Porrata-Doria, CEO, Keonn

Logo Temera


"At Temera we deliver innovation to our fashion customers to support their online and offline ambitions in a rapidly changing market environment. They love the idea that their brand label can serve for branding and at the same time manage their sample collections, prevent the grey market, allow for maximum product availability and enhance the customer experience in a shop. TexTrace Technology makes this possible."

Arcangelo d'Onofrio, Founder & CEO, Temera SA

Logo Action Through RFID


"After many years in the RFID business I thought I had seen it all! How wrong I was! Seeing and feeling the TexTrace Woven RFID Label for the first time was truly amazing as here was a very real solution to fully incorporating functionality, along with aesthetic beauty, which I felt would satisfy the most stringent demands of the upscale apparel and fashion brands.

I am delighted to be part of what I perceive to be a revolutionary and exciting concept which will make these merchants rethink their branding process."

Patrick Quinn, CEO Action Through RFID Inc.

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